Dothraki Wedding Arch

The arch from Khal Drogo’s wedding was real—until it collapsed.

You might remember a piece of eye candy from Season 1’s Dothraki wedding, and it wasn’t (only) Khal Drogo—it was a breathtaking natural 92-foot-tall rocky arch.

The Dothraki wedding (and scenes in and around King’s Landing) was actually filmed on Malta, a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea that’s actually one of the oldest inhabited human settlements in Europe. The cool arch you see in the backdrop of the wedding, likely the ruins of a long-destroyed limestone sea cave, is called the Azure Window, and it was a wildly popular tourist destination and source of national pride until the arch collapsed in 2017.


Image Via Gozo


But don’t worry about your conscience—the arch was destroyed by natural erosion and rough weather, not by film crews and any damage they may have inflicted.

Since the fall of the arch, a Russian architectural group called the Svetozar Andreev Studio has proposed a plan to revitalize the Azure Window with a stainless-steel structure—now referred to as “The Heart of Malta”—which is intended to reclaim the shape of the lost arch in a design that pays tribute to the country’s history while establishing its position in a progressive future.


Image Via Design Boom


The Heart of Malta would occupy the same space and shape the Azure Window once did, except its vast, multi-faceted, super-angular mirrored surface would reflect the landscape (rocks, sea, coastline) and contain a sunken museum. Each of the five levels of the museum would be dedicated to one thousand years of Maltese history — that’s actually a realistic goal, since people have been living on and waging bloody war over Malta since the 10th century.


Image Via Design Boom


So, what do you think? Does a sleek, futuristic archipelago of the future mar the face of a country beautiful enough to be the model for King’s Landing, or does it celebrate the country’s unique history?

For more information on The Heart of Malta, click here.


Featured image via Mashable.