The App That Book Lovers (and Writers!) Never Knew They Needed

If you’re an avid reader, the chances are you might have considered writing a book of your own. And if you’ve tried it, you know it’s no easy feat. Hey, there’s a reason Writer’s Block is such a common term. But Keepster is here to prove that for the modern writer, your best book might already be written – and living in your phone. A big statement, I know, because if your phone is anything like mine, literary gems coexist with shopping lists and left-on-delivered risky texts.

A lot of life’s most beautiful moments, and therefore, the things people write about, are chronicled over text. Especially in post-COVID times, births, deaths, weddings, romance, it’s all documented online; the humble family group chats, the constant flow of iMessage texts from your best friend, the Viber picture of your neighbor’s new addition. In some cases, these are like a journal. The stream-of-consciousness way that we text our dearest friends throughout the day capture thoughts and feelings in a way traditional pen and paper used to. Move over, Virginia Woolf.

Image via Keepster

Keepster, as mentioned above, is an app that lets you keep these messages, and resulting hopes, dreams, aspirations, etc., all in one place. Even better again, it allows you to turn these collections of messages and thoughts into meaningful and tangible books. Turn your group chats into an ode to your family’s spirit in tough times. Turn your best friend’s break up rescue into a guidebook for the next heartbreak. Turn your endless streams of internal thoughts into a texting journal. All in one place, and all on Keepster.

So how does it work?

  • Download Keepster’s desktop app – here.
  • Connect your iPhone, and perform a backup.
  • Search and organize your messages by date, sender, recipient, you decide!
  • Sort the chosen messages into Keepsters, which are folders of selected texts.
  • Turn the Keepsters into books. Yes, BOOKS!
  • Rinse and repeat until you’ve put together an entire series.
  • (optional) Be sure to add me to the acknowledgments 😉
Image via Keepster

Even before pandemic became the most-used word in my text history, friends and I would keep each other updated on our little daily occurrences as they happened. This constant flow of information might seem insignificant day-to-day (I’m sorry, I know we all think our run-in with the cute doorman is newsworthy) but there are moments in there that truly capture life as it is lived! What Keepster, and Keepster books, allows you to do is find these gems, these greatest hits of your lived experience, and put them all in one place. In a time where carrying a journal means just one more thing to sanitize when we get off the train, grabbing thoughts and feelings from our text conversations makes for a new and convenient way to compile our life highlights.

Don’t forget, you can enter our contest here for a chance to win a Keepster book of your own. Oh, and a shiny new iPhone 11.

Feature image via Keepster