The Apostrophe Protection Society has Closed

The apostrophe society has admitted defeat after eighteen years of abuse. The lazy people of the modern world have won, and now the society is waving its white flag. No one in this modern society bothers to use an apostrophe.


Image via the Guardian


According to retired journalist from Boston, John Richards, he is cutting back on his commitment that he started back in 2001. He began posting polite notices through letterboxes, which drew attention to the incorrect use of the apostrophe. Now Richards is 96, and he has done his best but there is no changing the way people use or don’t use an apostrophe. The English language somehow uses the letter S for plural and possessive inflictions, even though sometimes a word is both, there are some words that are just one but no one cares. However, Richards did manage to get his local library to remove the apostrophe from its CDs sign. So, Richards may not have won the war, but he managed to have some little victories.

Richards, even has his own website, which gives three simple rules about the appropriate use of an apostrophe. Such as, “It’s”, is a contraction of “It is”. “You’re” means “you are” and shouldn’t be confused with your, and the last rule is apostrophe’s are never used for plurals. You can still access his website, but currently it is shut down until January of 2020. For now, you can just remember those three rules and don’t let the laziness of society stop you from using an apostrophe.



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