The Canterbury Roll

The Ancient Scroll That Inspired ‘Game of Thrones’ Could Soon Be Unveiled

Reading a 500 page book really ain’t too much of a challenge, especially if it’s something you enjoy and can’t put down. I wouldn’t say the same for reading material that’s 5 meters long and in a language that’s over 600 years old… No, I’m not that good, and it seems that everyone else is having a hard time too.


The famous and almost legendary Canterbury Roll from the 15th-century is around sixteen feet long and it still remains a mystery after all these years. Not many people know that it’s been in the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for 100 years! You also may not have known not that it served as the inspiration for George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.


Canterbury Roll

 Image Via The Daily Mail


However, there’s a lot more that’s still left undiscovered when it comes to this ancient scroll. According to the Daily Mail, this is the only genealogical scroll in the southern hemisphere and it tells the fabled beginnings of England and stretches through to the Middle Ages. Quite a lot of history to cover there and it may be revealed soon. Senior lecturer Dr. Chris Jones has stated that they’re conducting all new research on this document that could reveal all it’s been hiding.


Arnold Wall first translated the scroll back in 1919. However, due to its various errors and historical inaccuracies, it was deemed unreliable. Now, with better research tools, readers could have the opportunity to read the Latin transcription as well as the English text. So far it proves to be a success, with the first portion already made public on the University’s website!


Canterbury Roll

 Image Via The Daily Mail

Depicted is the infamous War of the Roses, with battles ranging from 1455 to 1485. These are the battles that gave George R. R. Martin the fire and ice he needed to create A Game of Thrones. How wild is that?! We go from the beginning with Noah all the way to kings like Brutus and Edward IV. It almost sounds like an endless tale, but it’s so much more than we could imagine. “The Canterbury Roll is the most significant and substantial medieval artifact in New Zealand,” said Dr. Jones.


Stories and writings of myths, battles, kings, the golden age, ruling houses, and family crests all grace the worn yellow scroll along with aged images. We can’t help but see this mysterious document as an ancient tale lost in history.


Ancient? Yes. Lost? Not for long.


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