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‘The Alchemist’ Author Paulo Coelho Has New Television Adaptation in the Works

Paulo Coelho has more work under his belt than just The Alchemist. His novels The Devil and Miss Prym, Bridaand The Witch of Portobello currently have a television adaptation in the works!


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The television series will center around a young priest who has been outcast from his community. We will follow him on his journey of discovery, forgiveness, and growth as he flees from law enforcement and tries to avoid being captured by a powerful crime family.


The crime/thriller novel will also explore more mystical elements involving a CIA agent who may be more powerful than she ever could’ve dreamed.


The series will be produced by Laurence Bowen, CEO of Dancing Ledge Productions, who has stated, “Hundreds of millions of people have discovered in Paulo Coelho’s writing a universality that feels deeply personal. Here we want to celebrate his vision and weave together elements of his work into a gripping new epic journey. We couldn’t be more excited.” 


Paulo Coelho will personally introduce each episode himself, and help to guide viewers along on the journey. He’s taking a big part in the creative process of the series, ensuring it will be something fans won’t want to miss!


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