Meme that describes how bad Edward from 'Twilight' would be at texting

The Absolute Funniest ‘Twilight’ Posts on Tumblr

Ten years after its film release, Stephenie Meyer‘s paranormal romance Twilight has gained traction once more, trending on Tumblr despite the long lack of new content. Everyone remembers the heyday of the Twilight years, complete with midnight film releases and an outpouring of merchandise at Hot Topic. Fans bought merchandise ranging from the terrible (wedding rings) to the really, really terrible (crocheted replicas of Bella’s womb). While Twilight‘s somewhat unprompted 2018 hype could never reach that level, it has brought us some hilarious posts and hot takes. Let’s take a look:


A tumblr post describing what Edward's terrible texts would have been like ("a snail, effervescent")


This particular post was popular enough to become its own niche meme, leading to gems like these:


Meme of Edward and Bella's child dressed as a snail


Edward says: "Bella, I don't feel so effervescent"


Some posts drop their own astute commentary on Twilight‘s fashion choices. As a Mormon, Stephenie Meyer wanted Twilight to be a sexually conservative story, and the wardrobe choices definitely reflect that. (Maybe she pretends that BDSM sensation Fifty Shades of Grey didn’t start out as kinky Twilight fanfiction.)


A tumblr post describing how Edward finds Bella sexy in a long, khaki skirt


Bella describes how she finds Edward unbearably sexy in khaki


Stephenie Meyer may not be a fan of sexual indecency, but she’s got an indecent khaki fixation. Fortunately, some Tumblr users were helpful enough to offer suggestions regarding the characters’ wardrobes…


An AU in which Carlisle wears these (booty shorts that say 'doctor thot')


The posts range from, uh, ‘legitimate’ commentary…


Tumblr meme says the worst thing you can do to a vampire is chop off their hair as it will never grow back


Twilight meme about Edward being both extra and emo


A tumblr user questions what happens to the piss and shit stuck inside a vampire's body


…to the absurd.


A tumblr user describes manipulating images of Edward's face on Wikipedia


A raptor from Jurassic Park watches Edward and Bella


And finally, the only post that captures the true spirit of 2008:


"Gerard way is a more realistic vampire than Edward Cullen"


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