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The Absolute Best Black Friday Book Deals of 2017

For some people, Black Friday is just another day in another week. But for most people, it’s the day to recover from the food coma you suffered the night before, and shop! Everything goes on sale. This of course includes big ticket items such as laptops and flatscreens, but there are smaller (and in my opinion, more important) items on a huge sale on Black Friday as well: books.


Lost on where to look for books deals? Look no further than right here!


barnes and noble

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Along with their usual Black Friday coupons, Barnes & Noble is putting a large number of books in clearance for the day. Included are classics like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, a collection of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, and even Common Sense by Thomas Paine. 



Image Via Amazon


Amazon is also offering several book deals. If digital is more your speed, Amazon is offering select Kindle books for 50% off. If you’re old school like me, and enjoy having a book in your hands, Amazon is offering up to 60% off select books, including a special sales for select books by genre. 


black friday

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If you’re still at a loss, has deals for half priced books and book merchandise from several different stores. 


Browse around, find the ten or fifteen books you want (hey, Black Friday right? Splurge!) and shop til you drop–or til you can’t wait any longer to read. Here’s to an awesome Black Friday for all book lovers alike!


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