The 5 Scariest Monsters and Characters in Literature

Throughout all of the world’s combined literature, there are many monsters that lurk the pages and and stalk readers in various stories. Most of the time, these abhorrent creations are meant to signify very real terrors that live among us in reality. Other times, instead of creatures, the real monsters are antagonists or characters that are either too savage or too corrupt that leave us with a permanent feeling of doubt towards all of human kind. Here are our five picks for the scariest monsters and characters in literature!




IT by Stephen King




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If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple decades, than chances are you may not know who this silly-named character is. But be warned, Pennywise is a being of pure horrid imagination; it can shapeshift quite freely. Although it chooses to menace the main characters predominantly as a terrifying clown, Pennywise is way more than just that. Of course, as the dancing clown form, he appears as his trademark deceiving face. Underneath those lips holds a mouth full of teeth as sharp as knives. But possibly even more terrifying is that this creature chooses to shift forms into whatever may be your worst fear. And even after you’ve been scared shitless, this monster will literally consume you and your fear. Beware the sewers!




Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling




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There are a wide variety of creatures to choose from in this renowned universe of wizardry and magic. But perhaps the most terrifying are the Dementors of the third book. As the wardens of Azkaban, these entities look like how one might envision a demonic-ghost to be. With the ability to suck out the life-force of people, these wardens are highly feared in the world. Their ghoulish appearance of a whispy, cloaked figure is enough to set anyone running. These magical creatures are a force to be reckoned with, even if Harry managed to repel them. J.K. Rowling has stated that they were inspired by her battle with depression, which makes them even more terrifying.



Sadako Yamamura 

Ring by Koji Suzuki 




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Suzuki’s novel is evidently more tragic than the Western movie adaptation, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less terrifying. The premise of the story is that a film tape is cursed; whenever someone watches the film they only have a week to live. And although one could argue that the tape itself is the true scare of the piece, the main antagonist and source for the film is definitely a tragic and horrifying tale. Sadako was an innocent girl, and may have lead a normal life if she weren’t raped and murdered. Now, she comes back to curse anyone who watches the film as an act of vengeance and redemption. Her psychic abilities manifest fear itself. Whatever you do, make sure you make a copy of the tape; it’s your only chance to survive the week!



The Hotel Itself

The Shining by Stephen King 




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This is one of Stephen King’s classic. And although Stanley Kubrick went against King’s wishes for the film adaptation, it still serves as a must-watch for any horror fan out there. But one thing the film got wrong is that the evil was never really only Jack. In fact, it is the house itself that perpetuates all of the evil happenings. All of the spirits within its walls are out to murder Danny and his family, and although they prevail in turning his father against his own family, they are thwarted in the end. One thing is for sure though: Beware the Overlook Hotel



Patrick Bateman

American Psycho by Bret Easton Hills 




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Perhaps one of the best portrayals of an actual menacing psychopath, Patrick Bateman is one of the most nefarious people imaginable. As a man on Wall Street, he is the typical rich snob, but also so much more. His high social status and wealthy lifestyle are all facades for what he may truly be: a murdering mad man. Patrick may be rich and might have it all, but he is surprisingly empty inside. And his luxurious life is just another lie; he may be a more crazy than we think as all of his murders may have just been hallucinations. Did he really drop a chainsaw on someone? Or was it all in his head? I guess we’ll never really know.





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