The 2014 Edgar Allan Poe Awards

On May 1, 2014, the Mystery Writers of America announced honored the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction and television published or produced in 2014. Here’s what our members think of the winners in three of the fiction categories.

Ordinary GraceBEST NOVEL

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger “Brilliant and unforgettable,” says PennyK in her 5 Star review, who “couldn’t think of a more special or incredibly moving tale to read this summer.” Ordinary Grace is told from Frank Drum’s perspective forty years after a fateful summer when death visited frequently and assumed many forms. It’s a novel about a boy standing at the door of manhood, trying to understand a world falling apart around him. You can write your own review for Ordinary Grace here.   Red SparrowBEST FIRST NOVEL BY AN AMERICAN AUTHOR Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews “A great espionage thriller which will keep you absorbed throughout as the plot twists and turns in unexpected ways,” says suncoast in his 5 Star review of Jason Matthews’ Red Sparrowwhile Triprift calls it “a drama filled ride … a spanking good spy story … and highly recommended” in his review. In Red Sparrow, Russian state intelligence officer Dominika Egorova is struggling to survive the cast-iron bureaucracy of post-Soviet intelligence. Drafted against her will to become a “Sparrow,” a trained seductress, she is assigned to operate against Nathaniel Nash, a CIA officer who handles the agency’s most sensitive penetration of Russian intelligence. Read a sample chapter here. You can write your own review of Red Sparrow here. The Wicked GirlsBEST PAPERBACK ORIGINAL The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood In his 5 Star review, Atticusfinch calls The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood “an exciting and exhilarating read that tests the bounds of what you believe and what you want to believe.” In the summer of 1986, two eleven-year-old girls are charged with murder. Twenty-five years later, journalist Kirsty Lindsay is reporting on a series of  attacks on young female tourists in a seaside vacation town when her investigation leads her to interview carnival cleaner Amber Gordon. For Kirsty and Amber, it’s the first time they’ve seen each other since that dark day so many years ago. Now with new, vastly different lives, and unknowing families to protect, will they be able to keep their wicked secret hidden? Read a sample chapter here. You can write your own review of The Wicked Girls here. Congratulations to the winners! You can find out more about the 2014 Edgar Allan Poe Awards.