That ‘Guy in Your MFA’? He has a Twitter Account

You know the guy. His own work was probably incomprehensible, but he insisted you just didn’t get it. 

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You know the guy. He was incredibly confident even though you were all in the same Intro to Creative Writing class. He made sure you understood he didn’t read genre fiction, ordinarily. His own work was probably incomprehensible, but he insisted you just didn’t get it.



You know this guy ‘forgot’ to put his name on his five page work of genius, because he was sure everyone would know whose genius it was.



Maybe I brought all this upon myself by studying Creative Writing, but anyone who really love books will have encountered a few people who’d feel right at home on this man’s twitter.

Essentially, it’s satire on the self absorption of some brand of supposed writers, retreading relatively Americana tropes and believing they’re inventing a new genre you couldn’t possibly understand.



In a very real way, though, it’s very funny, and very cutting. It’s just satisfying to read, especially if someone’s ever tried to condescendingly explain literature to you at a house party.



We’ve all heard of a thousand novels with this kind of premise. How many of them can we possibly consider works of genius? A dozen or so?



I can’t for the life of me find the thread, but there was a shining moment when someone tried to explain the titular Guy(now AUTHOR)’s genius to a woman on twitter who just didn’t get it. Her name was Dana Schwartz, and believe me, she got it, probably better than her detractors. She is, in fact, that guy. It’s her twitter account. That kind of comedy is priceless.


Featured image via The Anastasis Center