Terrifying Haunted House Brings “It” To Life

As if “It” wasn’t terrifying enough, the creepy and murderous plot has been re-created into a haunted house because, you know, who wouldn’t want to seek out the friendly face of Pennywise the clown.


While horror fans await the upcoming theatrical release of “It,” an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 horror classic, they can get an extra dose of terror by attending, “The It Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood.”


It Experience


Attendees enter the “It”-themed horror house in groups of seven, paralleling the “Losers Club” who are in search of Pennywise throughout the book. They then navigate through a maze of rooms re-created from the film and featuring authentic props until they reach the sewers, where, well, you know.



Via New Line Cinema


Throughout the eerie journey, attendees can expect to see live child actors dressed as Georgie, the iconic character with the yellow rain jacket and red balloon. Though the actors won’t touch you (reportedly), their presence silent or loud is sure to add a a new dimension of terror. 



Via New Line Cinema


While the intense popularity of “It” has lead to sold-out tickets, fans still have a chance to attend the haunted house through a waitlist. Fans who cannot attend can still catch the film’s release as it hits theaters on September 8th.


Feature image courtesy of New Line Cinema