Terrifying Harry Potter Fan Theory Makes Total Sense

Tumblr user Miraniel has uncovered a pretty terrifying Death Eater plot to infiltrate Hogwarts.


Travel back with us, if you will, to the scene of the wildly ill-advised Tri Wizard Tournament, central event of the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire


Tri Wizard Tournament

A terrible idea / Via Tumblr


Miraniel has noticed that the Tri Wizard Cup, which functioned as a port-key, didn’t behave like a regular port-key. Port-keys generally only take whoever touches them to a particular place. They’re not a return ticket. However, this one is programmed/charmed to return the user to Hogwarts grounds. Also, the cup does not deliver Harry back to the center of the maze, but rather lands him outside it, in front of the cheering crowd and into one of the saddest scenes in the entire franchise in which Cedric’s father falls upon his son’s body and wails. It’s just so awful. I just. Tearing up even thinking about it. 


RIP Cendric </3

RIP Cedric / Via Giphy


Anyway, so the port-key behaves pretty strangely, and Miraniel has the answer why. Their theory suggests that once Harry had been killed, either Voldemort or a Death Eater was going to disguise themselves as Harry (using polyjuice potion obvz), travel back to Hogwarts using the port-key, and assassinate Dumbledore AND, in doing so, become master of the Elderwand. Phew. 


voldemort dancing

Voldemort would have been pretty smug had his plan succeeded / Via Giphy




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