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Teacher Writes Children’s Book ‘Messages from Maryam’ Inspired by Brave Refugees

According to The Breeze, Lauren Pichon was inspired to write her Messages from Maryam children’s book after hosting two Iraqi refugees in her English language class. The book is meant to teach children to have courage in the face of adversity and to treat others who have gone through such hardships with compassion.



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“It was eye opening to me to learn a middle Eastern refugee perspective,” Pichon explains. “You hear about central American and South American people and the lengths they go to. I was uninformed about what the status was like in refugee camps and the process of emigrating to the U.S.”


The two Iraqi students became good friends in Pichon’s class and served as the inspiration for the characters in her book.


Messages from Maryam follows two refugee girls journeying to America from Iraq. The story is told through letters written between the two characters after they’ve been separated.





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