Taylor Swift Tells Her Story

Ten years ago Taylor Swift was just an unknown country music singer trying to make a name for herself. Today she has ten Grammy’s, multiple record breaking albums, and has become the highest paid celebrity alive today. Her newest book Taylor Swift: This is Our Song will give her fans an opportunity to see her rise to stardom, from the very beginning. 


According to The New Yorker, “The book, like a Taylor Swift album, presents the superstar’s life as a magic mirror for her devotees—every struggle relatable, every triumph aspirational.” Taylor Swift is not just a pop star, she is an icon all women can emulate. In the typically male dominated entertainment industry, she was able to build one of the biggest empires we have ever seen. 

Comprised of stories, photos, and tribute art, This is Our Song will be the most comprehensive collection of all things Taylor Swift. No doubt this book is a must buy for any dedicated fan.

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