Taleflick Launches ‘Marketplace’ for Creators to Connect

For those who don’t know, TaleFlick is a company that attempts to improve relationships between publishers and producers in Hollywood. It is where screenwriters and authors can share their scripts and books, so global creators of all kinds can search for a story and adapt it into a TV show or a movie. Now, TaleFlick has launched “The Marketplace”, an online platform built to push relationships even further. Now, publishers and agents can search for new and aspiring writers, as well as pieces of literature to represent, and writers have an opportunity to show their work to be seen by film and TV production companies through live channels.


Uri Singer, Founder of TaleFlick
Image Via KTLA

TaleFlick has a fee of $88 per book for writers and publishers. For one year, they get their book listed and they have access to the Marketplace. For the $399 “Plus” package, the TaleFlick team will also read the book, and compose a short “pitch page” which will accompany the listing to appeal to Hollywood readers.

“I thought there must be a better way to find good books. Not necessarily bestsellers, but good stories,” said producer Uri Singer, the founder of TaleFlick. “A platform where anyone, from anywhere in the world, could upload a book.”


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