Chocolate Eggs

Take a Crack at This Chocolatey Hogwarts ‘Sorting Egg’

Easter is about a month away so, naturally, all I keep seeing on store shelves are eggs and bunnies. White chocolate, dark chocolate, cream, caramel—you name it, it’s Easter-themed! The truth is, you’re never too old for a candy egg, which is exactly why this bakery cast a spell on their sweet holiday treat for the masses.


Sorting Egg

Image Via Facebook


The Slattery Patissier and Chocolatier in Manchester recently posted a picture of their brand new sorting ‘Sorting Egg’! This triple-chocolate Easter egg is in its classic form, but adorned with the notable slouchy Sorting Hat, and a wand at its side.




For about $20, this egg doesn’t just wear the sorting hat, it is the sorting hat! When you break its chocolate shell, you’ll find a scroll inside that tells you which house you’re in. Every egg is a surprise so you don’t know what you’ll get until you crack that sucker open.


Slattery told The Sun about the creative atmosphere on the shop:


We are a very creative environment, and give our staff a lot of free rein when it comes to coming up with new ideas. One of our cake decorators made this for his partner last year, and we loved it and decided to run it this year. The demand has gone crazy, we have had enquiries from as far as Milan, Italy. Unfortunately because they are all handmade, they are very delicate so they are collection only from our shop in Manchester!


This looks as creative as it is sweet, and as magical as it is festive. What’s more exciting: The chocolate or your official Hogwarts House scroll? We’ll let you decide that. Check out Slattery’s site here!


Feature Image Via Keep It Sweet