Ta-Nehisi Hosts Big Names at Upcoming Event

American writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has just been handed the hefty responsibility of curating a New York gathering of French and American Intellectuals. 

The event is a collaboration between the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and Albertine Books. In a press release, the nature of the event was revealed to be an attempt to explore “what our national, social, and cultural labels mean today.” 

In a statement for the New York Times, Coates said of the event:

“These questions of identity have been tackled ad infinitum by those interested in sociology and electoral politics…But art shapes the imagination and outlines the sense of what is possible. It is art that attacks and interrogates our labels and chosen names, and reduces us to our common humanity.”


Some standout guests include American poet Claudia Rankine and novelist Darryl Pinckney. Ryan Coogler will also be there: the director of the new The Black Panther movie!

Image courtesy of Fordham 

Coates himself is a great admirer of French culture. Those who read his recent bestseller, Between the World and Meknow that the Baltimore born writer spent some time in France, and was inspired by its multicultural qualities. 

New York locals may be able to check out the event for themselves! It will take place on 79th and 5th Ave, though little is known about entry for the public. Juding by the totally stacked gust list, ticket prices will be steep. Here’s to hoping for a live broadcast! 

Featured image courtesy of Youtube