T.S. Eliot Website Hosts Rare, Unpublished Works

A T.S. Eliot website has just launched and it’s hosting never before published content by the famed master poet. The website, created by the Eliot Estate and Faber and Faber, the publisher for which he was once a director, is dedicated to hosting many of the author’s lesser known works, including a number of exclusive essays, many of which have become increasingly relevant in today’s political landscape.

Here’s just a peak at some great quotes from the never-before-seen essays:

Those who have lived before such terms as ‘high-brow fiction’, ‘thrillers’ and ‘detective fiction’ were invented realize that melodrama is perennial and that the craving for it is perennial and must be satisfied.

 Melodrama truly is a enduring genre. He also wrote some bits of wisdom on nationalism…

It is because I care about the future of England, that I must care also for the future of France; and it is because I must believe in the future of England, that I must look with confidence to the future of France…


Within the website one will find the first and last edition of Criterion, the magazine which Eliot founded in 1922; his correspondences; and a rare collection of photographs by the author’s late wife, Valerie Eliot.

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The site also hosts an application for a six-week writer’s residency in the the home T.S. Eliot grew up in. The Massachusetts home was acquired by the T.S. Eliot Foundation last year, and 2017 will be the first year for the residency program.  Founders of the website hope that this will demonstrate the “the remarkable breadth of what [T.S. Eliot] did.”


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