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“Sweet Valley High” Movie On the Rise

According to Deadline, the “Sweet Valley High” 600+ book series by Francine Pascal will get adapted into a film by Chernin Entertainment. Already, writers Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith of 10 Things I Hate About You and Legally Blonde, and The Mick‘s Harper Dill have been hired to create dream team.


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Centered around a pair of twin sisters, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield live in the fictional town of Sweet Valley in California.  As hard as it is to imagine, Jessica and Elizabeth are completely different in personality. While one is friendly and good-willed, the other is mischievous and irresponsible. As the two of them navigate their lives in high school, they find themselves tangled within twisted love and friendship problems. For anyone who isn’t familiar with its shocking plot twists, think “Pretty Little Liars” and “Mean Girls”, only ten times more bizarre and complicated.


During the 1990s, Pascal’s series was turned into a tv series that ran for four seasons. Its iconic theme song performed by Kathy Fisher is also titled “Sweet Valley High” and the teens during 80s and 90s will sure remember its melodic tune that marked their memorable summer afternoons.


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Via Saban Entertainment


The twins that played Jessica and Elizabeth, Brittany and Cynthia Daniels turned 40 last year and often share photos together on their joint Instagram account @brittanyandcynthiadaniels. Though the twins have not responded to the film adaptation, we’re hoping they can at least make a brief appearance.



Author Roxane Gay wrote in her essay collection, Bad Feminist. “When I read the books now, I know I’m reading garbage, but I remember what it was like to spend my afternoons in Sweet Valley, hanging out with the Wakefield twins and Enid Rollins and Lila Fowler and Bruce Patman and Todd Wilkins and Winston Egbert. The nostalgia I feel for these books and these people makes my chest ache.”


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