Swap Your Favorite Books with Other Readers

You might be struggling to find a new book, or are extremely picky when it comes to your reading material. Have you ever thought about book swapping with other readers? Book swapping can be fun, especially when the person you shared with ends up loving the book. You may be great at recommending books, so why not share that with other bookworms? I’m sure you have a favorite book that you’re dying to share with someone else. 

You’re in luck. is a website that lets you share your books with other readers! For free! It’s sort of like Ebay, but for free and for books.

According to Bustle,

Created by Redditor jeffbarge, who has also made companion apps for iOS and Android, the system is pretty easy to navigate. You sign up for a free account using your email address, phone number, and postal code. After verifying your registration, you’re free to post the books you have to share. 

With the site, you’re able to request the book you want from other users and once they’ve accepted, they’ll send the book to you! How cool is that? The bookworm universe is a great place to be.

What are you waiting for? Get swappin! 



Featured image courtesy of Bustle