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Suspense Novels to Devour This Summer

Sometimes the only way to survive the sweltering summer heat is to escape into a suspenseful reading adventure that will make your pulse race in a new way. Here are the eight novels that are sending shockwaves of mystery and intrigue throughout the reading world, and spoiler alert: you need to add these to your bookshelf ASAP. Imaginations deserve to feel the summer heat, too.


“Proof” by C.E. Tobisman


Cover of "Proof"


If you’re a suspense aficionado, chances are you’re already obsessed with the Caroline Auden series (if not, you just discovered your next favorite heroine). Techie turned attorney Caroline attempts to move on with her life after a case nearly destroyed her existence…but fate has other plans. When Caroline’s late grandmother leaves her entire estate to a mysterious charity, Caroline finds herself in the dangerous crosshairs of a sinister plot and the dark secrets of Los Angeles. This gripping suspense will have your imagination engrossed from the first word to the adrenaline-inducing last.


“Dead Certain” by Adam Mitzner


Cover of "Dead Certain"


This dazzlin suspense will surely deliver you with another ACF (attorney crush forever) — Ella Broden. When Ella’s younger sister goes missing after writing her first novel, the attorney joins forces with her old flame detective Gabriel Velasquez to discover a dark, ghastly and twisty web of shocking truths. If you’re looking to burn some calories this summer, this thrilling literary treat will keep your imagination feeling the burn page after page.


“Emma in the Night” by Wendy Walker


Cover of "Emma in the Night"


The Tanner sisters disappeared three years ago. When one of the girls miraculously returns, there is only one dark question lingering: why does she return alone? Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter dives deep into the mystery and discovers a complex carousel of shadowy secrets surrounding a dysfunctional family…and the sister’s return might be the start to a heinously unthinkable crime. A wildly suspenseful reading adventure, “Emma in the Night” will cause chills for many summers to come.


“The Switch” by Joseph Finder


Cover of "The Switch"


Sinister government secrets, dark political ambitions and highly classified documents…we’re betting this plot has your attention. When Michael Tanner and Senator Susan Robbins accidentally swap laptops in the airport security line, both of their lives are changed irreversibly. Tanner becomes a hunted man on a desperate run for his life. If you think this racy plot makes your adrenaline flow, we promise the unpredictable conclusion will shock you long after the last page is turned (and make your 2017 even more politically exhausting).


“Venetian Blood” by Christine Evelyn Volker


Cover of "Venetian Blood"


When forty-year-old Anna Lucia Lottol embarks on a trip to Venice to visit an old friend, she didn’t expect to be thrust into the flight of her life: proving herself innocent of murdering the money-laundering count with whom she had a brief affair. When the city of enchantment is transformed into the city of betrayals, darkness, and murders, will Anna survive and discover the truth or succumb to the powerful foe determined to destroy her?


“The Breakdown” by B.A. Paris


Cover of "The Breakdown"


Remember “Behind Closed Doors?” Of course you do…because you’re still having nightmares from it. Well the queen of suspense and shock, B.A. Paris, returns with a new summer chiller sure to haunt you. Cass can’t quite let go of the mysterious car she saw in the woods…the one that had a dying woman inside of it…the woman she could have saved. A rollecoaster of unpredictable twists and emotionally riveting plot, “The Breakdown” is a reminder why bestselling Paris is unstoppable in the suspense genre.


“Last Seen” by J.L. Doucette


Cover of "Last Seen"


Psychologist and police consultant Dr. Pepper Hunt abandoned her successful practice and entire life in the wake of her husband’s murder for a new start in Wyoming. When one of her new patients goes missing in a blizzard, her peaceful start is forever interrupted. A bewildering mystery that fuses present obsessions with the past and future, “Last Seen” has the unnerving ending you’ll never (ever ever ever) be able to predict.


“The Goddesses” by Swan Huntley


Cover of "The Goddesses"


When Nancy moves her family to Hawaii in hopes to save her marriage, she discovers herself entangled in a dangerous friendship with yoga instructor Ana. Manipulated into spending more and more time with Ana at the cost of losing previous moments with her family, Nancy is at the risk of succombing to her yoga instructor’s dark enchantment and forever altering the course of her life. A gorgeous psychological reading experience written by one of the literary world’s most promising voices, “The Goddesses” needs to be a part of your suspenseful summer.


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