Surprise! Lena Dunham Just Released a New Book

The actor-slash-director-slash-writer-slash-feminist rock star surprised the book world this week with her new title, Is it Evil Not to Be Sure? The diary style autobiography chronicles Dunham’s final year as a teen in the chaotic, crazed, and always cringe-worthy moments of late adolescence.



Dunham rediscovered the dated, more awkward version of herself while recovering from surgery in the hospital. On an old hard drive dated from 2005, she found her younger self in the thick of teenage angst, in entries that spanned an entire year in meticulous detail. It was like reaching across the folds of time to find another you, which, for a superiorly mature Dunham was at first less sublime and more “full of the kind of mortification that is part and parcel with meeting a former version of yourself.”

But initial cringes aside, the discovery was indeed a glorious moment for the author. The commitment her former self had taken to record the “hyper-internal formative moments so often lost to adulthood,” was a moving discovery, equally rich with the mundane and the wildly profound.


Image courtesy of Lenny Letter


In an interview with Buzzfeed, Dunham told reporters, “I have always believed that women chronicling their own lives, even (or especially) at their most mundane, is a radical act.” Rather than burying these vulnerable moments in some deep cybernetic abyss—something most of us would do upon discovering our adolescence encrypted in text—Dunham has decided to bless readers and Girls fanatics alike with this short epistolary book. The altruistic cherry on top? All proceeds will go to Girls Write Now, a Dunham-endorsed organization that provides girls with the tools to write and the encouragement to share their stories.

“I can’t think of a more admirable goal for an organization, or a better reason to expose the oft troubling thought patterns of my final teenage year.

Neither can we. You can get your Kindle copy here or a print copy over here. Stay tuned to The Reading Room for more surprise book drops and author news.

Featured image courtesy of The Visibility Project