Emma Roberts

Surprise B*tches, Is Emma Roberts’ Book Club Better Than Oprah’s? No

Move over Scream Queens and Cult aficionados! Emma Roberts has something a little less terrifying for us all.


The horror actress has been discussing her brand new book club and yes, we want in. 


Roberts recently appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss the all-inclusive book club Belletrist which has its own website and Instagram. She talks about how you can easily sign up to be a ‘Belletrist Babe’ or a ‘Belletrist Beau’ to begin your reading journey. All you have to do is pick one book a month and you can contribute to the discussions Roberts and her best friend (and Belletrist co-founder) have on their latest book picks as well as chat with other Belletrists!



Roberts had kicked off the book club by interviewing the untouchable Joan Didion, discussing her true fan love for the author. “I fell to my knees, literally, when we got the news,” Roberts gushed about getting to interview her. She went on to explain that she will continue to interview various authors for members and readers of Belletrist Book Club. “I’m obsessed with authors. I get star struck meeting authors more than I do anybody else,” Roberts tells Meyers. Obsessed with authors? Hey, us too!


Although there is no horror or freak show to be seen, don’t we all want to add more books to our list? Let us all be Belletrist Babes and Beaus!  


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