Supermodel Cara Delevingne Wrote a YA Novel

English supermodel, Cara Delevingne has been taking a break from the runway and trying out other entertainment outlets. From her role as the lead in the adaptation of John Green’s Paper Towns to her part in Suicide Squad, Delevingne isn’t one to shy away from a new opportunity. 

Now, Delevingne is adding author to her resume. She’s written a YA novel with the help of Rowan Coleman (The Memory Book). The book, Mirror, Mirror definitely has some classic fairy tale vibes going on, especially since there was a Snow White remake film released with the same name. 

The novel will be published in October and, according to The Bookseller, it’s a “gripping and twisty coming-of-age story that explores identity, sexuality, friendship and betrayal, with a killer mid-point twist.” We can’t wait! 


Featured image courtesy of The New York Times