‘Superman’s Henry Cavill to Lead Cast of Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Series

Henry Cavill will lead the new Netflix Witcher series as Geralt of Rivia. The new series is based on the fantasy novels (of the same name) by Andrzej Sapkowski. Though, the book series already has a video game adaptation, this will be its first time it’s hit TV screens. Rumors have circulated around about the creation and production of The Witcher, but only recently has it been thrown into the spotlight with its casting of the man of steel.


Via Henry Cavill News

Via Henry Cavill News


Henry Cavill will be stepping into the shoes of the protagonist of the Witcher series, Geralt of Rivia, a well-seasoned monster hunter, in which his kind are referred to as a Witcher.  The supernaturally enhanced Witcher for hire uses his combat and swordsmanship training to fight against supernatural beings who plague their world, the monster ranges from banshees, hags to dragons. The creator of executive product, writer and showrunner is looking forward to Henry Cavill playing Geralt of Rivia, going as far as to say on Twitter that, “He IS Geralt. He always been.” and she is excited as we are to see Cavill bring Geralt of Rivia to life. 



Due to the popularity of the video game and book series, Cavill and fans are hyped to see it become an on screen hit. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to the fantasy series on Netflix coming to life and when it finally gets released, I will be front and center.