Summer’s Hot Thrillers and Mysteries to Feed Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

While some readers are stacking their beach bags full of light-hearted romances, we’re all about the spine-tingling mystery. If you’re looking for the classic whodunit, a gritty psychological thriller or something with a supernatural angle, this list is sure to please. The summer sun is no match for these hot thrillers so make some room in your book bag and don’t forget the sunscreen.



1. She Was The Quiet One by Michele Campbell


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Fraternal twins Bel and Rose have suffered more tragedy in their early years than most. After both their parents pass away, their wealthy grandparents decide that the structure of an exclusive boarding school is just what they need. The girls take divergent paths and when one ends up dead, the other is the obvious suspect. Add in some questionable friends, a sketchy teacher and tons of twists and turns and you’ll be questioning and changing your mind about every theory you come up with.


2. The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz


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When Diana Cowper walked out of the funeral home, she had no idea she only had six hours to live. As those who loved Diana try to figure out the connection between her murder and a tragedy she was involved with 10 years ago, they also take into consideration that her movie star son may have had something to do with it. In The Word is Murder, a detective and writer team up to investigate shady characters lurking around every corner with the hopes of unravelling exactly what happened to Diana. This new mystery novel from Anthony Horowitz reads like a real life game of Clue.


3. Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding


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An unlikely friendship comes at a time when Frances needs it most in Her Pretty Face. As a stay-at-home mom dealing with a troubled son, Frances often feels overwhelmed and isolated. Kate is the perfect distraction; she’s self-assured and unaffected by her wealth and beauty. When Frances’ son appears to be involved in a school scandal, the women come together, but it soon becomes apparent that one of these women is not who they claim to be. Can this new friendship survive their dark secrets, lies and deceit or will the murderous past of one of the women be the end of their new bond?



4. Give Him Back by B.M. Hardin


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Love can make us do crazy things and Give Him Back will leave you with all the suspense of a twisted love story. Lava is married to West, and she’s just figured out that the man she loves has been carrying on an affair for years. Lava knows the difficulties that came with starting a family and refuses to let it all go, giving her husband a chance to end his affair and work towards a happy and honest life together. But nothing is ever that simple and with so many secrets and lies being protected and slowly revealed this story comes with a surprising end that will leave you completely blindsided.


5. Secrets, Lies & Crawfish Pies by Abby L. Vandiver


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Medical examiner Romaine Wilder seems to have the perfect life in Chicago. Her career and personal life are thriving until everything is turned upside down and she finds herself moving back to her small Texas hometown to help with the family business. When working in a funeral home, dead bodies are a given but what happens when there’s one you weren’t expecting? Figuring out who the mysterious body is and what happened to him becomes a family quest complete with some unexpected humor and heart.


6. The Sleeping Lady by Bonnie C. Monte


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When Thalia admits to Rae, her business partner, that she’s taken up an affair with a Frenchman, it all seems harmless. That is until the threatening anonymous notes start to come in. When Thalia isn’t heard from after a scheduled drop off to give the pesky blackmailer what he wants, Rae goes searching for her friend only to find her murdered in Golden Gate Park. Rae soon finds herself among the mix of suspects but is determined to find the real killers no matter what the cost. This cozy mystery is full of drama and suspense.



7. Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris


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Twelve years ago, while on holiday, Finn’s girlfriend Layla disappeared without a trace. Trouble is, the story that Finn told the police may not be the whole story. After years of heartache and wondering where his beloved has gone, he now finds himself in the arms of Layla’s sister and the two are soon to be married. But when missing items of Layla’s begin turning up and mysterious sightings of the woman appear, they’ll be left to wonder if Layla is alive and whether or not Finn is in danger. Figuring out what really happened the night Layla disappeared will be the key that unlocks everything.



8. Girl with a Gun by Kari Bovee


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Travel back in time with Annie Oakley and the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in this colorful mystery. Shortly after joining the show, Annie’s assistant is found dead and she feels certain she’s next. The newfound fame she’s achieved as a part of the show uncovers jealousy and long-held secrets from those closest to her. As more bodies begin to show up and her horse is stolen, Annie will team up with a sassy female reporter to uncover the truth behind the string of deaths that are circling in on Annie and the Buffalo Bill crew.  



9. Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier


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This highly-buzzed-about new novel looks at the lives of high school friends Georgina Shaw and Kaiser Brody 14 years after the murder of their high school friend. Now a detective in Seattle, Kaiser is catching onto what really happened to the young girl after the discovery of her remains. Now knowing the serial killer who took the young girl’s life, the detective can’t ignore the fact that the man who killed her was Georgina’s first love. Even worse, Kaiser will come to find that Georgina knew more about the girl’s murder than she ever let on, bringing new secrets to the forefront and changing their young lives forever.



10. Providence by Caroline Kepnes


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Jon and Chloe have been best friends for as long as they can remember, but as they’ve gotten older those feelings have grown. Just before Jon can muster up the courage to tell Chloe how he really feels, things get weird. When Jon is kidnapped, Chloe is devastated and it’s all she can do to eventually start to move forward. Just as she’s getting good at faking it, Jon reemerges, but with some unexpected powers that put everyone he cares about in danger. This sci-fi mystery will keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.



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