Study Reveals Children Raised in Households with Books Do Better Later in Life

How many books did you own as a child? If your answer is not a lot at all, then chances are you missed out a lot as a kid. A new study from researchers at the Australian National University and University of Nevada in the US has just unearthed new findings about different countries and their average household’s amount of books. And the results may change how you view your own intellect!




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The study found that the amount of books and reading material in the household is very crucial to how children and teens pick up later skills in life. Also found in the study is the potential for children to be able to do better in areas such as math and IT skills; two areas many do not consider when discussing literacy capacity. The study ordered their findings on which country has the most books per household with Estonians topping the list at 218, with 35% owned 350 books or more.


Sadly, the US fell into 12th place, averaging at about 114 books per household. However on a plus side, the study found that the positive effects of having more books for adolescents were consistent and independent of a person’s education level, their job as an adult, sex, age or the education level of their parents.




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The research was conducted in thirty different countries with adults aged twenty-five to sixty-five. For more information on the research, be sure to see the full study at The GuardianFor all your book news and needs, be sure to be updated on Bookstr!




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