Streaming Services Say Goodbye to ‘Harry Potter’

For a glorious time, NBC Universal’s new streaming service, Peacock, was the only place to  simply press a button and – “accio Harry Potter films!” But alas, a sad day has arrived. After a long wait for the Harry Potter films to reach streaming services, they have once again been removed from all platforms. And  though its a challenge to find an easy method in which to watch the magical series (without cracking open our collection of DVDs and Blu-ray), the fandom will never die down.

The fact is, that a long time ago, the rights to viewing our favorite boy wizard were cemented well, and to this day even “alohomora” cannot unlock that contract. In order for the eight Potter films to be shown along with the Fantastic Beasts films on Syfy and USA this winter, they had to be released from Peacock. But NBC Universal still holds the rights to the franchise until 2025; after which, we can expect a wizarding battle for the film rights to ensue between our favorite platforms.



Not even the most skilled wizard could untangle the confusing web that is streaming and broadcast rights for popular titles. And unfortunately, everyone’s favorite Boy Wizard has fallen victim to legal deals that were hashed out long before streaming services like HBO Max and Peacock were a glimmer in Hollywood execs’ eyes.

Although streaming service have said “so long” to Harry Potter for a time, the fandom will never wave farewell to our favorite magical franchise.

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