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‘Stranger Things’ Will Officially Return for a Third Season

Stranger Things is officially returning for a third season, Netflix announced via Twitter on Friday. While we aren’t that surprised given the critical acclaim and rapid cult popularity, hearing it officially is still exciting.


Perhaps one surprising thing of this whole ordeal is the shocking amount of people who didn’t want the series to return. Netflix toyed with the emotions of Twitter users before they announced the official return of the series by creating a poll asking users whether or not the show should return.


Surprisingly forty-two percent of users said no! We’re not sure who these savages are, but we’re pretty darn excited.




The recently released second season received universal acclaim from critics and audience members alike, signifying a cultural embrace of this eerie science fiction meets pop culture mesh. The series, as well as its success no doubt, has been greatly influenced by horror books and cult films of the 1980’s.


Stephen King in particular influenced creators Matt and Ross Duffer, the brothely duo revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.


For starters, the title’s iconic font was inspired by the font used on Stephen King’s published books. The duo sent fourteen or fifteen different book covers, not all King but the majority, to a company they were working with to create the title. 


While it may sound minimal, a title is the foremost representation of a show. The extent to which the duo wanted to pay homage to King is pretty darn significant. Matt Ross revealed:


We literally took the Firestarter paperback and pasted a picture of a bike on top of it and changed the font to our font. So yeah, and that was the idea, the idea what we really wanted the show, we wanted it to be like, “This is what it felt like when we were in middle school or high school reading those paperbacks.” So that’s what we wanted it to evoke.


The Duffer brothers also revealed that King’s story It in particular packed a major punch for their creative liberties. “It is obviously a huge inspiration for the show. That’s probably the biggest [inspiration].” 


This exposé offers some wonderful news to King fans who may have been scared by his stories back then. While you may have suffered from nightmares for a bit, you can now thank his terrifying novels for helping to create one of the best shows on television!


A release date is yet to be announced.


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