‘Stranger Things’ Season Two Trailer Turned Comic-Con Upside Down

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Stranger Things will officially return to Netflix on October 27th. Yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix dropped this thrilling trailer and everyone’s jaws dropped.



Although the group of friends may have succeeded in saving Will Byers in the first season, unfathomable events obviously continue to unravel, and the adventures continue in Hawkins, Indiana.


“Trauma is a major theme and frankly the return to normalcy,” executive producer Shawn Levy said. “Is normal ever possible again in Hawkins? In the Byers family? In the Wheeler family? … That’s a big question that looms over Season 2.”



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With Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Vincent Price’s voice-over, this trailer offers a promising narrative that will keep fans at the edge of their seats as they eagerly prepare for another season of the strangest occurrences.


Earlier this month, ‘Stranger Things’ managed to secure 18 Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Drama Deries.  Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Jane “Eleven” Ives, was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series despite how little she spoke in season one. More good news: the showrunners have promised to bring back “Eleven” for good.


“She’s a full-on character this season,” Levy said, “Her role is substantial and really satisfying.”



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David Harbour, known for his role as Police Chief Jim Hopper, received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Regarding Harbor’s recent nomination, Levy responded, “He is the rock of our cast, he is the center of the show.” Since the last time we saw Hopper was when he got into a strange black car, we can look forward to what happens to him from then on.



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“Clearly Hopper is caught up with someone, certain people, presumably involved in that car, and Season 2 explores what that involvement is,” Levy says. Moreover, Hopper “made a deal with the devil” — in his case, bad-guy scientist Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) — to help get Will back, Ross Duffer says. “You’ll see him wrestle with that, too.”


The Duffer brothers also received Emmy nominations for Outstanding Directing and Writing for a Drama Series.



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