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‘Stranger Things’ Pay Tribute to This Stephen King Novel

After turning Comic-Con upside down with an enticing trailer, Netflix’s Stranger Things tweeted a retro poster of Season 2 that pays tribute to Stephen King’s sci-fi novel, Firestarter.



The image of Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, bares an uncanny resemblance to that of protagonist Charlie (Drew Barrymore) in Firestarter (shown below).



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#StrangerThursdays is a hashtag started by Netflix for the purpose of promoting their show on a regular basis. Every week, they release a poster that pays homage to inspiring movie artworks from the 80s. Here is another poster that references Stand by Me, the 1986 film adapted from King’s novella, The Body.


Fans of both Firestarter and Stranger Things may have even noticed other similarities. For instance, Eleven’s initial trust in the doctor and her supernatural powers reminded us of Charlie and her later-discovered ability to set things on fire through her mind. 


In fact, Universal is reportedly underway with creating a remake of FirestarterThough progress and date for release remain unknown, it will be exciting to see how they fight for their survival and how their ultimate fates differ on screens.


According to Netflix, Stranger Things season 2 is scheduled to return on Friday Oct 27th



While you wait, watch the first trailer now!



Feature image courtesy of Screen Rant