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‘Stranger Things’ Enters the Upside Down in New Graphic Novel!

In celebration of National Comic Book Day, we are diving back into the world of Stranger Things. This is the sci-fi horror Netflix series that features a group of friends who will stop at nothing to save their friend from an alternate dimension full of terrifying creatures.


Sadly, Season 2 has concluded and it seems like it’ll be eons before we get Season 3. However, in the meantime, comic book writer Jody Houser and artist Stefano Martino and Keith Champagne are bringing the popular show to the graphic novel platform. 


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Before he was saved, Will Byers was trapped in the Upside Down, running and hiding from monsters threatening to take over their world. In the show we watch as his friends face all sorts of obstacles trying to save him.


Now, the comic book flips the story and follows the perspective of Will Byers as he ventures through the Upside Down and we see what darkness he really comes across. It showcases how the frightened Byers managed to survive in this alternate world and reveals much-needed background on the freaky creatures of the Upside Down. Check out the comic book trailer below!





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