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Straight Outta Westeros: Maisie Williams Wants to Get the Show on the Road

We have a long wait ahead of us until HBO releases the 8th season of Game of Thrones. Until 2019 to be exact. Can you deal?


George R.R. Martin’s next book, The Winds of Winter is set to hit shelves during the long off season and will inevitably give us some answers on the fates of our favorite families and characters. 


Maisie Williams

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We are especially excited to see how much more badass one character in particular will become, now that we have finally (partially) figured out her purpose. But while we cant quite contain ourselves with excitement for the final episodes to begin, Maisie Williams (a.k.a. Arya Stark), is itching for it all to be over.  Here’s why.


Speaking with BBC Newsbeat, Williams expressed her interest in letting go of the “safety net” that has been the hit show she started working on when she was only fourteen, and moving on to making independent films. After all, the young actress already set up her own production company back in 2016 called Daisy Chain Productions, through which she starred in a short film, Stealing Silver. What she said during her interview was; “I’m really excited for Game of Thrones to finish, and there’s going to be time for me to do whatever I want.”


Williams in her short film Stealing Silver

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We certainly wish Williams every success in continuing with this passion project as her current gig on the epic fantasy show comes to a close. She says to the BBC that she hopes to continue developing “UK-originated short films, theatrical features and high-end television drama” when its all over in the next two years. 


Looks like she has her post-GOT aspirations all figured out!


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