Storytelling Retold: The Art of a Fiction Podcast

Readers don’t always think of podcasts as a source of entertainment, because, most of the time, we like to physically read. But we often find ourselves too busy to read. Podcasts, like audiobooks, are perfect for your morning commute, driving or sitting on an extremely busy train. They also provide one-of-a-kind stories, something all book lovers crave. We came across Second Hand Stories, an amazing podcast that aims to bring fictional storytelling back to its original form as an oral tradition. 

Jim Szabo, a storyteller and lover of stories, explained how he came up with the idea for Second Hand Stories.   

I was in traffic at the start of a long drive, trying to find something to listen to on the radio. News, sports, music, nothing held my interest. I wanted fiction! Of course, fiction isn’t really available on the radio anymore and when I searched for fiction based podcasts, I only found the New Yorker fiction podcast which ran stories from their magazine’s archives. I decided to start my own fiction based podcast, with stories written specifically to be spoken and heard, instead of written and read. 

Second Hand Stories provides listeners with original, engaging content – from stories about Good Samaritans, to “Eating Spaghetti in Brooklyn, 1978” (yes, that’s probably a metaphor that you’ll only understand if you listen to the podcast). Szabo and his co-producer Colleen Stewart, a graduate student at SUNY New Paltz, initially wanted this to be a platform for unpublished authors, but they’ve been lucky to feature some prolifically published authors as well. 

We are excited to share one of their episodes below. The stories in this episode contrast loss and fulfillment, obsession and learning to let go. New episodes are dropped every other Thursday, with a new one coming out tomorrow! So take a listen, and check out their site to catch every single one of their episodes, here!



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