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Steve Jobs’ Daughter Discusses Relationship With Family and Father In New Memoir

Steve Jobs is often remembered as a brilliant mind that bestowed humanity with gifts in the form of various technologies that we use today. There have been many books published about him after his death, and two movies have come out to portray his life. However, in her new book, Lisa Brennan-Jobs discusses how life with her father really was, giving us many unknown details and characteristics about the tech titan.




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Although the author has said in interviews that she has come to peace with her father, the new memoir Small Fry presents Steve Jobs as a very cold and often times manipulative father. Brennan started work on the book not long after Jobs’ passing. She spent time interviewing most of her family and even past loves of both her parents in order to have somewhat of a distinctive view of a different type of family.



Although one might expect the work to mainly cover the relationship with her famous father, Brennan doesn’t shy away from writing accurately about her family. In a recent interview according to The New York Times, the author’s mother Chrisann Brennan stated:



“It was horrendous for me to read… It was very, very hard. But she got it right.” 


Ms. Brennan said that her daughter has, if anything, underplayed the chaos of her childhood. “She didn’t go into how bad it really was, if you can believe that,” she said.





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Although it sounds like a brutally honest account of cold and distant family members, Brennan also recounts the good times with her family. Their relationship was somewhat rocky, but there are moments where Steve Jobs releases hold of his harsh exterior and truly bonds with his daughter. Some of their conversations and moments are both heartwarming and satisfying, only ever-present in a few pages. 



Small Fry is due to release soon on September 4th. Be sure to pre-order your copy!





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