Stephenie Meyer is Changing Course

Stephenie Meyer has sucked us into worlds where vampires exist, people change into werewolves, and aliens occupy human bodies. For her next project, we’d expect something along those lines, but she seems to be changing direction. 

According to the NY Times, Meyer’s new work, The Chemist, published this week, is a grisly, twisted thriller about a highly skilled female interrogator who goes into hiding after her bosses at a secret government agency try to kill her.”

So why the sudden change from what she’s been doing? Meyer told the NY Times, “I get a little bored. Stories kind of run out, and you want to do something very different. It’s like, after ice cream, you want pretzels.”

Change is good and so is expanding your reading palette! If you’re a Meyer fan, make sure you look out for The Chemist, available now. 


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