Stephen King’s Tweets Help Save a Local Book Review

According to Publishers Weekly, MWPA (Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance) succeeded their goal in persuading the Portland Press Herald to continue producing coverage in its local book review in Maine. The newspaper planned to cut $400 in costs every month in removing Maine Sunday Telegram. MWPA executive director, Joshua Bodwell, said this would have affected the 1,350 members of MWPA who are writers and publishers—and would’ve lost them one of their sources of income. Bodwell also added that members were concerned with wire service reviews and how they would overshadow Maine authors.


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“We have so many Maine authors who are members who aren’t able… to attracts national reviews,” Bowell said. “That they may be able to receive coverage in the largest newspaper in the state is crucial.”


It was thanks to an online petition launched by MWPA that asked the newspaper in respect to reinstate the book reviews. You know who is also a member of MWPA? You guessed right, Stephen King. The Maine native himself took it to Twitter and told his millions of followers to “tell the newspaper DON’T DO THIS,” while also posting his skepticism regarding the newspaper’s intentions.


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Since Sunday, the petition has collected over 800 signatures and thousands shared King’s tweets. The newspaper responded by launching a new subscription which gained 100 new digital subscriptions by using promotional codes with literary reference like KING, CARRIE, and other Stephen Kings bestselling novels. This drove the funds to save the section, while the newspaper will definitely keep the budget for the reviews, said Cliff Schechtman.



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