stephen and molly

Stephen King’s Tweets About His Dog Are Everything You Need


The Thing of Evil a cover girl? What is this world coming to?

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) March 4, 2018


Banned from Petco (and doesn’t give a shit).

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) June 8, 2018


Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, promises not to tear my throat out if I let her clean out the ice cream carton. Claims vanilla “is good for dogs and causes pure thoughts.”

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) May 25, 2018


Several people have asked me about the dedication at the end of “Laurie,” the story I posted. Vixen was my wife’s dog. We all loved her, but she was a one-woman Corgi. A sweeter, gentler dog you’d never meet. She died early this spring.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) May 19, 2018


Benny’s reaction at being carjacked by Molly, aka the Thing of Evil. “Drive, you big bastard,” Molly snarled.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) April 7, 2017

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) June 4, 2018



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