The Mist

Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ Adaptation Won’t Return for Second Season and Here’s Why

If there is one author who has ruled this season, it’s Stephen King. The adaptation of It has ben met with acclaim from audiences and critics alike. It also managed to take the top spot for the highest grossing horror film of all time after raking in more than $404 million dollars worldwide.


The Netflix adaptation of Gerald’s Game has also been met with rave reviews, The Verge calling it “one of the most compelling, eerie, memorable Stephen King adaptations to date.”


Unfortunately, the source material isn’t always enough to translate into a successful adaptation. After just one season, Spike has decided to cancel the TV series adaptation of The Mist


the mist

Image Via Spike


The network picked up the series in the spring of 2016. Based on King’s novella, the series followed a small town community who comes together after a horrific crime. As they try to process what happened, an eerie mist floats in, creating a horrifying predicament. The series premiered on June 22nd and aired its tenth and final episode on August 24th.


The series is reportedly being cancelled due to low ratings, as it managed an average of just 800,000 views (considered low for television). To top it off, reviews have been somewhat lukewarm. TV critic Gail Pennington wrote, “Making sense of this mess is probably impossible and not worth the effort.” Ouch.


the mist

Image Via Spike


Though it’s sad news for any viewers out there who may have liked the series, it’s probably also a relief for King fans who didn’t. The good news is there is always the possibility that the novella will be adapted again, and much better, in the future.


Audiences won’t have to wait too long, however, to see another King adaptation. Netflix will premiere an adaptation of King’s horror novella 1922 on October 22nd.


Featured image courtesy of Spike