Stephen King's New Novel

Stephen King’s Latest Thriller Has An Unexpected Co-Writer!

The dark, twisted, and ever-popular author, Stephen King, is releasing a new book at the end of this month and fans can hardly wait!


However, this time he has a little help. Owen King, King’s son, is co-writing Sleeping Beauties: A Novel with his dad.


'Sleeping Beauty' Novel

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The novel takes place in the future where women become shrouded in silk cocoons when they sleep. When disturbed or awakened, they become increasingly violent, leaving the men of the small Appalachian town to survive. They then go out for vengeance. When a woman immune to the disease is discovered, she’s met with violence, chaos, and a divide that could kill.


Despite being set in the future, the tone of the story sounds a little too similar to the present day, which makes the bizarre synopsis all the more frightening.


Lately, Stephen King has had a tight grip on, not only the world of books, but movies as well. With adaptations of his novels The Gunslinger and IT, fans can probably start gearing up for an adaptation of this one too. 


King’s work tends to dig deep into the corners of the human mind that nobody dares venture into, so you can bet this new novel will be yet another hit.


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