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Stephen King’s College Photo is Scarier Than His Own Books

Nothing seems to gather people together like laughing at old embarrassing photographs. This is certain. 


That’s usually courtesy of a parent breaking out an old album from years ago. And yes, we would love to burn some of those and leave no evidence of, what we thought, was our heyday.


Thank goodness no one else will see those images right? Well, Stephen King doesn’t get to say that. Not today.


Recently, a photo of King surfaced in a small article about the University of Maine graduate when he sold the rights to his very first book, Carrie, in 1974. They name the 1970 grad as the author of a popular Campus column from the late sixties called ‘King’s Garbage Truck’. Solid.


The article goes on to congratulate the alumnus on receiving a $400,000 dollar payment for selling his rights to his horror novel. He had previously sold the rights for $2,500, but cashed in for something bigger. It sounds measly compared to today’s success doesn’t it? But back then in the early 70s it was a huge deal. The article was even titled ‘Ex-CAMPUS author hit the big time’. Good for young Stephen King!


But never mind those numbers, it’s the photo that’s caught us off-guard…


Stephen King

Image Via Boston Magazine



Image Via Giphy



With long shaggy hair, a wild beard, enthusiastic eyes, a slight unibrow, and a wide toothy smile…It’s a bit unexpected. And yes, we get it, it was the 70s and the shag look was totally cool.


But now it seems we’re certain that King has always been a little quirky, even in his glory days.


Feature Image Via Boston Magazine