'Castle Rock'

Stephen King’s ‘Castle Rock’ Trailer Reveals Some Familiar Faces and Freaky Scenes

The King of Horror somehow never ceases to stir up excitement and anticipation with his fans. Yes, this guy is good. One of his more recent adaptations, Castle Rock, was picked up by Hulu and has left fans shook this week, as the kids say.



 Image Via Horror Freak News

The fictional Maine town is suppose to be filled with an air of mystery and mystical attributes. The first three episodes of the first season will premiere at the end of July, so now is the time to tease the audience a bit. J.J. Abrams and Sissy Spacek add a little something extra to the anthology series.


With creepy scenes of crawling alligators, shadowy figures, and apparently some additional King Easter eggs this trailer is chock full of good things. The idea of original sin within the town will also plague viewers and it seems like too much to handle. But have no fear! Watch the video below and you may spot some familiar faces. 




Featured Image Via Engadget