Stephen King vs. the Governor of Maine

_ accused King of tax evasion _ (something that, _, has not been _). _ –  in fact, he seems to be _. In an op-ed written for The Daily Beast, King makes the most of his word count by insisting that the ultra-wealthy (himself included) should be taxed more and throwing shade at lawmakers who don’t _

LePage didn’t back down, revise or apologize for his statement – instead, he seems happy to be actively antagonizing one of Maine’s few celebrities. _ given us a gift of a soundbite: “just make me the villain of your next book, and I won’t charge you royalties”. LePage, seemingly unaware of King’s work and the idea that villains typically don’t succeed in most anything,


We’re already placing bets on who will come out the victor in this stand-off. King’s proven himself to know a thing or two about axes, but Governor LePage’s perfectly round shape makes him mobile on nearly any terrain. It might be a toss-up.


Featured image courtesy of ___.