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Stephen King Uses His New Book to Remind Us How Much He Hates ‘The Shining’

It’s not quite a secret that Stephen King hates Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining. King fans know it, film buffs know it, everyone knows it. But, if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, then not to worry because Stephen King is clearing up any confusion.


In his newest book, The Outsider, Stephen King throws a somewhat subtle jab at legendary director Stanley Kubrick, whose take on The Shining King once referred to as, a “big, beautiful cadillac with no engine inside.”


In one chapter of The Outsiders, King depicts a character watching Kubrick’s film Paths of Glory because, in the character’s opinion, it’s “better than The Shining.”


Ouch. We see what you did there, Stephen.




Though The Shining is considered one of the best horror films of all time by many critics and audiences, King has criticized it for being, as his cadillac metaphor suggests, superficial and empty of deeper meaning.


Apparently King’s opinion hasn’t changed much in the thirty-eight years since the film’s release. Maybe another decade will smooth over his feelings? 



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