The Stand

Stephen King Teases New TV Adaptation of ‘The Stand’

It’s been twenty-five years since the last TV adaptation of The Stand was released. A ten-hour version is now in the works, which will be developed by director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) and distributed on CBS All Access according to EW.

Stephen King’s epic novel takes place in a world that has been stripped of its institutions, and 99-percent of its population has perished as a result of a super-flu breakout. Survivors choose between sides of order and chaos. A frail, 108-year-old Mother Abagail tries to uphold the peace. Randall Flagg, the “dark man,” embodies all the negativity that exists in their bleak new world.



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King expressed his excitement regarding the newest adaptation, which is expected to be more developed than its predecessor, and is excited for the chance to work with Boone again.


I like him a lot. I like his reach, his ambition for it. But, really, the thing I’m mostly excited about is, first of all, we’ve got two more hours to tell the story and, second, we’re free of all those things that held us back with The Stand — that is to say, not only is the budget bigger, even if you equalize the two eras, we’re [more free] in terms of language and in terms of violence in a way that we weren’t with the original Stand.


King is also having a good time with The Stand becoming something of a family project, given his son’s involvement with scripting duties.


“My… son Owen has written some of the scripts and they’re terrific, so it’s good.”


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