Stephen King Releases New Short Story as an Audiobook Exclusive

You can’t read Stephen King’s latest short story, but you can listen to it.

“Drunken Fireworks” was released on Tuesday as an audiobook exclusive. The story is available on CD or mp3 download, and it’s streaming for free on as part of an exclusive promotional event. You’ll have to hurry for the free version, though – streaming ends at 4 PM today.

The audiobook cover for “Drunken Fireworks”

The print version of the story will be published, but not for a few more months. “Drunken Fireworks” will be a part of the short story collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which will be published by Simon & Schuster Audio and Scribner on November 3.

The audiobook exclusive makes perfect sense for Stephen King, who is known for his love of audiobooks. The author even credits his decades-long audiobook habit with sharpening his prose.

The audiobook exclusive may tempt some readers that normally stick to books in print. King is hoping that’s the case. “Every now and then, the discussion will come up, ‘Are audiobooks as good as books in print?’” King says. “The answer to me is a no-brainer: yes, they are, and they might even be better.”

Image courtesy of Getty Images