Stephen King Published a Spooky Kids’ Book and Didn’t Tell Anyone

If you’re a fan of the Dark Towers series, or a fan of Stephen King in general, then you may already know about this children’s book:


'Charlie the Choo-Choo'

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The book, which was published November 11, 2016, is titled Charlie the Choo-Choo and, at just a glance, may come across as your seemingly average, run-of-the-mill children’s story about a talking tank engine and his engineering friend (well, despite the deeply chilling and creepy smile of said tank engine; Thomas the Tank Engine never looked at me that way) but, you can trust me when I say it is oh, so much more. 


According to the cover of the book, the author is stated to be Beryl Evans. The cover also contains one very positive review from the master of novels himself, Stephen King:


“If I were ever to write a children’s book, it would be just like this!”


King has proven his intense commitment to the fictional worlds he creates once more, seeing as Beryl Evans is actually a character from the Dark Towers series, and King, in fact, is the true author of Charlie the Choo-Choo.


The eerily haunting children’s book is purchased by Jake Chambers in Dark Towers III: The Wastelands:


“On the bright green cover was an anthropomorphic locomotive puffing its way up a hill … its headlight was a cheerful eye which seemed to invite Jake Chambers to come inside and read all about it…As he looked down at the cover, Jake found that he did not trust the smile on Charlie the Choo-Choo’s face. ‘You look happy, but I think that’s just the mask you wear,’ he thought. ‘I don’t think you’re happy at all. And I don’t think Charlie’s your real name, either.’”


The book existing at all is an elaborate part of King’s expansion of the story; he’s taking a world he created and building it past the covers and pages, making it all the more real. 


King even went as far as to hire an actress to play the role of Beryl Evans and sign copies of Charlie at Comic-Con.


Beryl Evans 'Comic-Con'

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This entanglement between the fiction and the real is so complex and interesting; it’s not at all surprising that none other than Stephen King would be behind all of it!



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