Stephen King Drops Title for 2020 Release

Stephen King announced the title of his latest project, a novel set to be published in 2020 that features a woman from Mr. Mercedes.

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Casual bookish superstar Stephen King took a moment between professional talks and performing with his band at the Wordplay festival in Minneapolis last weekend to mention that his new novel, set for release in 2020, will tentatively be called If You Bleed, according to Lilja’s Library. The novel’s protagonist, Holly Gibney, appears in Mr. Mercedes and The Outsider.

Devoted to keeping a crammed schedule even at seventy-one, King has been in and out of the media spotlight over the last few weeks since the IT: Chapter 2 trailer was released, since HBO announced a TV adaptation of The Outsiders, and since he made a startling Game of Thrones prediction on Twitter.

(Joe Hill, King’s son, visited Bookstr today to chat about AMC’s upcoming adaptation of his novel, NOS4A2.)


Via the Los Angeles Times


King has a storied record of revisiting characters, towns, and villains — Randall Flagg, a satanic character, appears under the same name or description in several of King’s novels; his 2014 novel, Doctor Sleep, was released as a long-awaited sequel to The Shining, originally published in 1977.

King has yet to tease any further details on If You Bleed, but he has more than one hobby to occupy his time. After the events at Wordplay, King briefly took to Twitter to thank his fans — not long-time readers, but specifically those who came out to hear his band, The Rock Bottom Remainders, perform live.


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