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Stephen King Announces a Second Book in 2018 and It’s Only February!

Well, he’s done it again. This guy is unstoppable and he makes me feel like a slug. Stephen King is well-known for knocking out book after book, as well as for his successful adaptations. His name is everywhere and on everything and 2017 was a good year for him in bookstores and movie theaters. It’s 2018 now and he’s at it again…and it’s only February! Sheesh.


Stephen King

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The horror author has announced his brand new book and his second release of 2018. Syfy Wire reports that King’s declared the release date for Elevation. We’re still waiting on the cover, but the 144-page novella is due out October 30 after his other novel The Outsider, which will be arriving in May. King pretty much owns October anyway, so this seems appropriate.


'The Outsider'

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This work revolves around the Maine town of Castle Rock (another adaptation of his that’s coming out on Hulu), but it’s not like an ordinary King story. It follows resident Scott Carey and his deeply-rooted troubles with the town he lives in. However, those troubles soon turn to ties that bring the community together despite their differences. It’s eerie, surreal, magical, and very melancholy.


This work is similar to The Green Mile in that it involves a more hopeful tone with something in another realm beyond the characters’ grasp. Elevation follows The Outsider, which is much darker and a longer work altogether. With his pattern of two titles a year (one longer and one shorter book or collection) we can count on more reads from him. Because, obviously, this guy just doesn’t stop, and we appreciate it.




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