Stephen Chbosky Returns with New Novel Imaginary Friend

Stephen Chbosky is back! After a twenty year hiatus since his first novel, the best seller The Perks of Being a Wallflower, he is back with a new novel, Imaginary Friend. Released on October 1.


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Similar to the Perks, Imaginary Friend is set in a fictional town called Mill Grove in Western Pennsylvania, which is where Chbosky grew up. The story follows new kid in town Christopher, who is being haunted by a voice in his head. The voice tells Christopher creepy and disturbing stories, and it demands he build a tree house in the woods or else.

Chbosky attended Streams Elementary School, same as Christopher in the book. He even got the inspiration for the book by imagining himself standing outside that school, and looking up at a cloud, that just so happens to talk. He also drew some inspiration from two people he admires, George Romero, who was best known for his gruesome and satirical horror films. As well as Stephen King, who the book is dedicated too. So it’s safe to say this book has a lot of horror elements in it, which is completely different than the Perks, but will be just as amazing.

Who will be getting their hands on a copy?

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